Terms and conditions

Reman part delivered in 24/48H if ordered before 15:00 (EST) and if stock available.

Normal Repair delay: 10 working days.

Diagnosis loan have to be returned within 5 business days.

Manufacturer references are only given for information. Parts not referenced in the website or catalog: please give us a call.

Prices are subject to change during the year. Unrepaired items are not charged. if you want to get them back, the shipping costs will be invoiced. A cleaning fee will be charged in case we receive dirty parts.

Each part, except for the non-repairable ones, will be invoiced and benefit from a 24-month warranty.

The 24 month warranty begins on the invoice date and does not include your labor. If our repair does not solve the initial fault, please contact us to get an RMA documentation. Transport is included in a warranty return if you use our account.

Reman Core Charge refunded 100% if the unit is returned in good shape. If not returned to Breizelec, Reman core is invoiced 200%.

Standard delivery insurance covers goods upto 5$/lb. Additional full coverage insurance costs 4% of the goods declared value.